Since a couple of weeks now, Italy, Rome, and our university went in lock-down. Ore something like that. Well in the beginning it was something that, now it is really “gates closed and nobody enters”. But after two days of having closed the Whole university and having all classes suspended the department of didactics started to offer some courses on on-line teaching and video classes. The closing down changed from no classes on campus to on-line teaching. So I lost only about 4 hours of classes. Now everything is going by ZOOM. I learned a lot and I’ll use the system also when there is no virus anymore.

I live on campus, so I still come every morning to my office. There are some other collegues in the offices around me present as well, we can hear each other teaching on-line and it is pretty funny.

We will go on like this for a while I think. Maybe after easter-break on april 20th we will be back in the classroom, but that is far from sure. So let us make the best of it and stay home.