Since a couple of weeks, today is week 3, students are back at the university. This goes with it’s ups and downs, with mouth-masks and a lot of “amuchina” or gel to disinfect hands, in classrooms the students are sitting far from each other and we are asked to have no physical contact (so no hugging in class) or distribute papers. It is good to have the students back, and I hope we can go on as long as possible.

New this year is the course for the “chierici”, those Salesian students who prepare themselves to become a priest. I teach them the forms of Salesian vocation (priesthood and lay religious) for which I prepared an “antology” and the course of “Spirituality of Saint John Bosco” which I am doing at the “Pontificia Facoltà di Scienze dell’Educazione Auxilium”, the university of the Sisters of Don Bosco (FMA). Here I have a class full of sisters and in streaming the novices of the sisters in both the novitiates of Rome, and I have to say it works pretty well.

Let’s hope and pray we can continue like this.