On the occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of Saint Francis de Sales, the Canção Nova Community, a member of the Salesian Family, founded by Monsignor Jonas Abib, recorded some brief episodes on the charism and spirituality of Saint Francis de Sales.

In the first eight episodes, Fr Wim Collin SDB, professor of History and Spirituality di San Francesco di Sales at the Salesian Pontifical University, talks about some issues that the saint Savoyard deals with in his writings. For example: “How to know the will of God, for what reason one should meditate, what to do when you are angry …” These are short interventions that deal with both daily life and the spiritual life of each one.

The Canção Nova Community will post these episodes weekly on their website and YouTube channel. Their mission is to evangelize, to communicate Jesus, through the mass media. The Community tries to be present in (virtual) places where young people are. It was, therefore, a strategic choice to make short episodes of 5 minutes, enough to have a little insight, not too long to be distracted: ideal for having every week a brief reflection on Francis de Sales and deepen his spirituality of him.

You can find everything here on the website of Canção Nova!